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As reviewed in Bow International Magazine no;46.
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Customer comments:
'Fell asleep listening to it, then went in the garage to train on the bag and felt awesome!

Thanks again,
G C - UK Branch Chief - School of Karate
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Archery Excellence Training Hypnosis
Archery Hypnosis

Archery Excellence
Archery 'active-alert' Hypnosis.

EMG recordings during the Archery shot confirm the automaticity of skilled shooting. ...The Changes in muscle tension 60msec before the release stabilize and protect the joints. They are carried out at a subconscius level. Studies have confirmed expert shooters perform with little conscious thinking.*1

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This is a Double Archery CD set including the technique of Active Alert Hypnosis proven to assist the Archer in gaining the correct level of emotional arousal before competition, which is proven to be the deciding factor of shooting well or not.

CD1; 'Archery Excellence' uses conventional hypnosis to program long term changes in the Archer. This CD address's issues including subconscious behaviour such as posture, focus and vision, balance, posture, fitness levels, arousal levels, competition anxiety, reading the target, mental toughness, competition endurance, confidence and motivation.

Stage one of 'Archery Excellence' begins by relaxing your body one part at a time whilst leaving your mind awake and alert. This cuts out negative self-talk and aids in releasing 'happy hormones' from the brain thus increasing ones sense of well being.
Stage two concentrates upon removing mental barriers to development which are often the reason behind long and short term 'sticking points' in sports performance. These trapped mental barriers prevent the adult from being able to direct and build upon particular sports issues.

The third stage involves direct in-trance Visualisation focusing the minds energies towards achieving the goals that you desire. These recordings saturates your mind with positive hypnotic suggestions which command your body and mind to perform in the way which you desire.

Included on this CD is a visualisation technique based on NLP technology that helps you to break negative states and access past successful emotional states or model successful states of champions that you admire. This technique is proven to enable you to enhance your performance on a consistent basis.

CD2 ; Developed from ‘Archery Active Alert Hypnosis’ this CD utilises a Powerful conscious hypnosis that creates an eyes open altered state of consciousness which has been scientifically proven to enable the Archer to excel in competition. This CD is to be used immediately before competition to enable one to gain access to the correct emotional arousal level for top performance every time.

*1 - The sport psychologist's handbook - Kathleen Haywood, University of Missouri-St Louis, USA 2006 P557

Recent Feedback comments from purchasers of my CD's as follows;
Buyer; Ronalda - Excellent. Listened to cds & had best performance in months.A++++++++
Buyer; Brian - very pleased with merchandise, a million thank - you's
Buyer; John - Ultra fast shipping a must have CD for all shooters!! Great Archery service!!

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