Weight Loss Hypnosis & Good Nutrition Instillation


Weight Loss through Hypnosis
Weight Loss is as much about psychology as physiology. It's not only what you eat but why you eat that remains the foundation of overeating. A healthy diet can be obtained by anyone however, the type of motivational mindset that I install in clients is that of an athlete.

It's a worrying fact that one in three people get cancer, yet if you are an athlete statistically you'll be in the category of only one case of cancer in seven*. This is largely down to an athlete’s attitude towards the quality of their diet. 

Steve's unique Weightloss recording incorporates programming a similar Mindset of an Athletes perception to food. The difference between the attitude towards the food of someone who is overweight and that of someone interested in Health and Fitness is the focus they have as to why they eat which in turn has an impact on what they eat. Re-programme this behaviour and change becomes effortless and enjoyable.
Some worry that by reducing the focus on What they eat will reduce the pleasure they have in eating the foods they enjoy. This is incorrect. Athletes gain as much pleasure eating for fuel, performance and Body Conditioning as does the person who eats for taste pleasure. Focus on fueling your body for optimum nutrition can be very rewarding (and so can the results)!

The key to all goal achievement is to get excited about change. You can make this more vivid by visualising the body you will attain. The admiration from family and friends in your achievements and the new activities you'll be able to participate in. Add to this the increased levels of energy and vitality you'll receive from good nutrition and the feelings of confidence and zest for life. Your increase in self-esteem as your skin becomes more radiant from the increase in quality water-rich foods that you might select. It's easy to see how much more ongoing pleasure one can experience from good nutrition as compared to the short term pleasure of taste sensations.

With this system comfort, eating becomes a thing of the past as you will gain pleasure from your food in other ways.

In addition, many women experience 'picking' as a form of comfort eating especially at work - it always seems to be someone's Birthday! Steve's weightloss recording incorporates some very powerful NLP techniques that remove the need to pick at food and encourage you to change this 'corporate social conditioning'.

Stress is the other key to overeating. Blood rushes to the stomach when overeating and you stop feeling stressed. Eliminate stress and you can stop 'stress eating'.


This recording is no longer available in CD Format but is still available as a download.

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Price: £14.99