Trigger Freeze


Trigger Freeze Cure

‘I've had no problems with Trigger Freeze since listening to the recording... Trigger Freeze is no longer a problem' - Tony Allerton, GB Police Shooting Team. - Pull Magazine Oct

The subconscious mind is where our behaviours are based. If one is unable to control an action or behaviour then it must be a subconscious response or else the conscious mind would be able to override it and the problem would cease.

Clay Pigeon Shooting 'Trigger Freeze' is a common problem based in the emotional right side of the brain (the side hypnosis has its main effect), and is a fear based response.

Fear is experienced at different levels from intense phobic responses to mental blocks in athletic performance. As with all unconscious behaviours there must be a stimulus that evokes the response, a type of ‘mental trigger’ that automatically changes our emotional state which in turn changes our behaviour.

The area several varieties of 'Trigger Freeze', some experience a random freeze that seems to have no real pattern, some only get the freeze on the second barrel of a shoot and some people are completely disabled from shooting altogether. The above issues are all addressed in this recording. In addition, this recording incorporates an NLP technique that re-trains the shooter in visiting and revisiting the phobic situation as an in-trance visualisation and switching from associating and disassociating into the scene until the activity is completed successfully.

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Price: £14.99