Tennis Hypnosis

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Top level Tennis Hypnosis

‘If you were to see a whole line of players from rankings 1 to 100 practicing hitting the ball... you wouldn’t really notice much difference between them. At the end of the day, success boils down to the belief and confidence the individual has, and his or her ability to play the big points.’ – Tim Henman *1

As with any sport, the psychological factor plays a vital part in a person's performance. One aspect often associated with mind control in sports is ‘choking under pressure'. Psychological factors develop a tense body which has a negative effect on one's game. Hypnosis has the ability to draw out the best performance in a player.

This recording is based on work with Professional and Amateur players that I have worked with and focuses specifically on a selection of problem areas that are common to the game. It also covers all other skill sets that you need to be a top tennis player. This makes it an extremely powerful and cost-effective recording.



*1 -  ‘Reflections on Success’ by Martyn Lewis, Lennard Publishing.

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Price: £14.99