Style Improvement Hypnosis


Sports Style Improvement Hypnosis
‘Losers have tons of variety. Champions take pride in just learning to hit the same old boring winners!’ –Vic Braden.

In most cases sports style improvement is relatively straightforward. It is all too easy to fall into bad physical habits when becoming proficient at a chosen sport. These style problems, like all behaviours, are based in the mind, so hypnosis is the obvious solution. By using in-trance visualisation techniques we can change the body’s performance and correct physical problems.

Input from your sports coach is often a great help here because he can see aspects that are out of your vision. Athletic style is an aspect which is difficult to analyse by oneself, so if you don’t have a coach get some advice from a friend.

When visualising your improved style performances, do so as if you are a perfect performer, you might like to pretend actually being in the body of an athlete that you admire. Role-play in your mind exactly what you’d see, feel, hear and act like, above all enjoy the whole experience.

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