Steve Mycoe Sports Hypnotherapist


Sports Hypnotist and Author Steve has over a decade of experience in Sports Hypnosis, Pain Control and Mind Therapies.

Steve's books and best selling Sports Hypnosis recordings have helped to inspire, develop and Motivate athletes worldwide.

Steve Mycoe
Steve Mycoe Boxing   
   A former University boxer and dedicated athlete Steve has an inside knowledge of performance enhancement second to none. He is qualified by the 'British Weight Lifters Association' to instruct and a certified Boxing Instructor.

Steve is one of the only Hypnotherapists in the UK who works almost exclusively with athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This makes him a sought-after specialist in this area and often the first contact by Olympic teams and professional athletes. Steve has worked with professionals from all over the world including British, American and Chinese Olympic teams. His system has been used by Premiership football players, members of the Police shooting squad and TV personalities. Please see articles for more information.

Steves work in sports and pain control has drawn him into the fascinating and complex world of adaptive sports. He is always delighted to hear from disabled athletes.

Steve became certified in Hypno-analysis by 'The International Association of Hypno-analysts'. He is also a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, has training in Counselling and Motivational Interviewing.

Steve’s first book ‘Unlimited Sports Success – the Power of Hypnosis’ was published in 2001 and documents his work with athletes. Currently still in print and available from most bookstores (search for ISBN: 0595186106).

sports hypnosis book

All of his work is bound by a code of Practice and Ethics of the highest order, set out by ‘The International Association of Hypno-analysts’.

Steve has a Full 'Criminal Record Disclosure Certificate' (CRB) available upon request and subject to status, should one wish to view it. CRB certificates are issued by the Criminal Records Bureau to certify that participants are without criminal convictions including cautions, reprimands or Police warnings. All therapists should be able to offer such a document for viewing.