Sports Time Distortion


Sports Time Distortion ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ What is sports time distortion? When a sports person creates an intense level of focus they have heightened awareness so are able to take more ‘snap-shots’ per second of real clock time, thus time can seem to slow down.

Hypnosis is one way to change your perceptions of time. When in an altered state of consciousness, you have access to time distortion, it creates an intense level of focus, often labeled ‘The Zone’ in sports. Top athletes naturally go into an altered state. Long-distance runners usually go into an altered state after running about one mile. In fact, any activity that allows you to totally focus is a way of altering consciousness and allows time to disappear.

This recording will allow you to focus on how you wish the world to move, creating in you the deliberate skill of altering perceptions to increase your performance. This may be the slowing of your opponent, the slowing down of your own perception of your movements, internally having an effect of speeding up of your external performance in real time.

Or perhaps gravity prevents you from practicing your performance slowly, so time distortion may help you slow down your perceptions so you can adjust your style and movements for perfection.

These techniques can be used in most sports. I have worked with increasing a football players footwork, slowing down a gymnasts 'in flight' movements for alteration purposes and speeded up a sprinters running.


Watch Nationa Geographic's Video on reaction times, these athletes are apt at time distortion for receiving.



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Price: £9.99