Pre-Match Soccer Visualisation


This recording does not contain Sports Hypnosis as such. It is a guided visualization for Pre-Match Football Programming.

The way Hypnosis differs from Visualization is that a conventional hypnotic Induction in order to induce a trance will not be used however; there are similarities between visualization and trance states. Indeed, you will probably enter a light altered state of consciousness when you visualize deeply with this recording.

You are advised to relax whilst visualizing and concentrate on visualizing the imagery that I will guide you through.

The science behind visualization is conclusive and we know that deep visualization especially using hypnosis activates parts of the mind that would be activated in real life if you were actually competing or doing the physical movements. The only difference is that, the mind has the ability to create a mental circuit in the signal so that when activated it replicates the mental activity without sending the signal down the nervous system and making your physical body move.

Visualisation creates real physical changes through our thoughts. The eyes are directly connected to the visual cortex at the back of the brain by optical fibres. This is where visual information is processed. If you focus on that injury you received a year ago your brain may make sure that you retain some of the pain associated with it or even repeat the injury.

Repeating the same thought is proven to strengthen neural pathways that allow the thoughts to become reality. By repeating a thought you are building on success or failure. By interrupting consistent negative thoughts you can start to build a more positive reality at a physical level


This recording is no longer availbale as CD, but is still available as a digital download.

List price: £7.99
Price: £7.99