Practical Shooting Hypnosis


Reacting to the Buzzer and Recoil control are subconscious behaviours, the conscious mind simply cannot react that quickly. This is one reason why hypnosis is so effective in programming shooting skills.

This recording was developed specifically for the Practical shooter and address's many skills required to excel in the sport.

From my vast experience working with shooters from various disciplines, I’ve found that the subconscious programming of automatic behaviour is extremely effective in this sport. Specific Shooting elements such as reacting to the buzzer, recoil control and timing the gun are subconscious behaviours. You can not return the sights to the same spot at a conscious level because the conscious mind, simple, is not able act that quickly. This is also true with reacting to the buzzer when you are about to draw. The single act of reacting to a buzzer must be programmed subconsciously to enable the shooter to react quicker than consciousness allows. This can be done through years of repetitive, good practise, or it can be programmed through hypnosis.

Hypnosis has the ability to by-pass the critical conscious mind and directly install behaviours into the subconscious mind. To this effect, hypnosis is extremely powerful in developing shooting techniques.

This recording addresses many issues spanning both conscious and subconsciously programmed behaviour such as poor recoil control, focus and vision, sight alignment, trigger control, balance, posture, fitness levels, emotional arousal levels, competition anxiety, reading the target, confidence and motivation. Hypnosis is a fast track solution to these problems.

Also included on this recording is a visualisation that helps you to break negative states and access past successful emotional states. It can also help you model successful states of champions that you admire. This technique is proven to enable you to enhance your performance on a consistent basis.

List price: £14.99
Price: £14.99