Post Event Recovery Hypnosis

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Post Event Recovery Hypnosis All intense events have both a physical and psychological impact on the body. This is evident by the ever-increasing reports of 'Marathon Blues' or 'Post Event Depression' suffered by runners.

This recording is not just useful for the long distance runner but anyone who partakes in endurance type events such as the cyclist. This recording helps the Athlete recover mentally and physically post event.

A well known condition known as 'Marathon Blues' is experienced by hundreds of runners following the completion of a Marathon. There are several reasons for this, one being the achievement and then subsequent lack of goal or aim in life following an event. Another reason is the possibility of not achieving your full potential or expectations in your race and the inevitable mental slump into a depression. These mental aspects are addressed on this recording.

Post Event Recovery also tackles various physical conditions that affect an athlete following an important event. The body recovers far more quickly when a positive outlook is achieved.

One section on this recording relaxes the body and mind to access a state that is beneficial to healing and speed up muscle growth and recovery. You'll awaken feeling refreshed, alert and feeling pleased with your on going success.

One unique technique that I use on this recording is to alter the perceptions of an athlete from focusing on the aching muscle as a negative influence to viewing this aspect as a trigger for pride and pleasure in the accomplishment in ones goals.


This recording is no-longer available in CD format but is still available as a downloadable MP3.


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Price: £6.99