Marathon Hypnosis

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Easy Marathon Hypnosis ‘You can develop mental techniques to keep warm in a cold bath or to prevent panic setting in during a treadmill test when you think you cannot keep going. In long endurance races the same principle applies…–Fit for Life – Reach your personal best and stay there. By Ranulph Fiennes.

Running a marathon or any long distance race is as much about mind power or mental training as physical conditioning. It's true that you need to be relatively fit to run a marathon however, most people can cope with the physical demands required it's the mental toughness that lets people down.
The human body can cope with a huge amount of exercise as long as the mind is programmed to cope. Correctly programmed the mind can far outstretch what the body can achieve - with most people the opposite is true.

The state of hypnosis is not unusual and has similarities to the deep concentration attained by top performers in all walks of life. When an athlete has performed well and claims they were ‘in the Zone’ they are talking about an altered state of consciousness so intense they are able to achieve top results in their sport. The use of a Sports Hypnosis recording ‘trains’ the athlete to enter intense performance states when required during a race. Experienced long-distance runners are usually adept at this and often go into an altered state after running about one mile.

The use of this recording in the run-up to an event will develop coping strategies when doubts in abilities to ‘carry on’ are exposed. Having these pre-programmed positive suggestions for various occurrences can help push one beyond what’s usually possible.

This recording also helps reduce Post Marathon Depression which many athletes suffer.

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Price: £14.99