Fear Control Hypnosis


‘You’re afraid of losing, you’re afraid of not being successful, but at the same time your opposition are just as frightened of you as you are of them. You’ve got to make them believe that they’re more afraid of you than you are of them.’ – Linford Christie, Olympic 100 meter sprint Gold medallist. ‘Reflections on Success’ by Martyn Lewis, Lennard Publishing.

A hugely popular recording due to its diversity and multiple applications. Sports Fear Control Hypnosis can be used to help overcome fears and nerves or just push one beyond your normal comfort zone. Many clients have used this to overcome fears associated with gaining an injury in sport. Particularly useful when making a 'comeback' after an injury or crash. Not just applicable to the Extreme sports person, has been used by Stunt BMX riders, Martial Artists, Horse riders who fear particular jumps (water) and even triathletes who fear open water swimming.

Many people get a little confused as to which emotions they are experiencing and often label their emotions incorrectly. Anxiety, fear, nervousness, excitement and tension are areas which are easily confused. It’s a shame to think that someone could be feeling nervous excitement about an event when they are labeling the emotion fear. When you learn to catch the emotions and relabel them as you wish, you start to enjoy the experiences and notice that you have fewer unpleasant ones.

All human experience is a matter of perception, you can learn to perceive events in whichever way you choose. Many people would be full of fear and trepidation from the mere thought of jumping off a 500-foot waterfall. The extreme sports person relishes the adrenaline rush and feelings of accomplishment in pushing their mind and bodies to their limits. Physically these are the same human beings as the fearful athlete, their bodies have no real differences, but their internal dialogue and the way they view events are totally different. You can learn this too.

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Price: £14.99