Cycling Time Trials Hypnosis

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Time Trials Success Hypnosis

This recording is specifically designed for the 'Time Trial Cyclist' developed due to the high demand and requests by Athletes many of whom had already used our 'Hill Climb Dynamo' MP3, with dramatic results.

This recording programmes many different aspects required to excel in Time Trials. Endurance, speed, pace, mental determination and the confidence to break one's Personal Best consistently are all tackled.

Hypnosis has the ability to re-focus and draw out the POWER to keep on forging ahead when the going gets tough. Mental toughness is a key element in cycle racing and hypnosis will re-program that negative self talk that often hinders performance which is crucial to success.

The use of Hypnosis in the run up to an event has the effect of developing coping strategies when doubts in one's abilities to ‘carry on’ are exposed. Having an arsenal of positive suggestions hypnotically programmed for various occurrences can push one beyond what’s usually possible.

List price: £14.99
Price: £14.99