Cycling Hill Climb Hypnosis


Cycling Hill Climb Dynamo Hypnosis ‘You can develop mental techniques to keep warm in a cold bath or to prevent panic setting in during a treadmill test when you think you cannot keep going. In endurance races the same principle applies… –Fit for Life – Reach your personal best and stay there. By Ranulph Fiennes.

Rest, recuperation, heart rate, pace, tempo, posture are just some of the qualities required for hill climbs, But most of all the power of your mind is at the forefront of an exceptional hill climber.

Mental Toughness is acquired from an accumulation of consistent, stamina based training of the body and powerful self-talk of the mind. You have lying dormant the power of mind within you.

Hypnosis has the ability to focus and draw out this power.

The use of Hypnosis in the run-up to an event also has the effect of developing coping strategies when doubts in abilities to ‘carry on’ are exposed. Having an arsenal of positive suggestions hypnotically programmed for various occurrences can push one beyond what’s usually possible.

List price: £14.99
Price: £14.99