Clay Pigeon Shooting Success


Breaking Clays (Clay Pigeon Success Programming)

‘Breaking clays is a mind game. Slow down your perception of time and use your subconscious vision to guide the gun -your focus on the target will greatly increase'.

In The Beijing 2008 Olympics the only USA Olympic Skeet Gold Medalists had used sports hypnosis. This recording was developed for the Clay Pigeon shooter and addresses issues including subconscious behaviour such as head position, focus and vision, stock mount, balance, posture, fitness levels, arousal levels, competition anxiety, reading the target, confidence and motivation.

Included on this recording is a visualisation technique based on NLP technology that helps you to break negative states and access past successful emotional states or model successful states of champions that you admire. This technique is proven to enable you to enhance your performance on a consistent basis. Clay Pigeon shooting success will be yours.

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List price: £14.99
Price: £14.99