Boxing Timer with Subliminal Commands

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Boxing Timer with Subliminal Commands (This recording is no longer available in CD format only available as an MP3 download)

This type of boxing timer is Unique to my company with the addition of subliminal suggestions. I have added subliminal perception commands to help program good boxing skills and endurance into the training Boxer.

You don't need a punch bag, you could use this recording during shadow boxing in front of the mirror, which makes it a very cost effective training aid.

This training timer is designed to the Amateur Boxing Association guidelines. ABA rules are set out at the bottom of this page.

The following rounds are included on this recording;

All rounds are started with the ring of a bell. One beep at one minute, two beeps at two minutes and three beeps at three minutes depending on how long the round is. (Having beeps on each minute helps teach the boxer to naturally become good at time keeping so when in a real bout, they will be more aware of how much longer they have to fight and change tactics accordingly.)

Every round has a Buzzer sounding ten seconds before the end of the round. (Most boxing coaches encourage the boxer to get in the habit of pushing their work rate to the limit during the last 10 seconds of each round. This helps train the boxer to do the same when in the ring.)

Senior rounds on this recording; 3 x 2 minute rounds with one minute rest.

Please note this trainer is not intended to substitute the use of Steve's Boxing Power Hypnosis recording. It is for use in addition, for best results. ( Due to a commitment to continued development these suggestions may alter to those on your recording.)

ABA rules are set out below; ABA Rules: SECTION FOUR – JUNIOR BOXERS: Both boxers aged over 11 and under 14 years - 3 x 1.5 minute rounds. One boxer aged 13 and the other 14 years - 3 x 1.5 minute rounds. Both boxers aged 14 years - 3 x 2 minute rounds One boxer aged 14 years and the other 15 years - 3 x 2 minutes rounds. Both boxers aged 15 years or over - 3 or 4 x 2 minute rounds. [male boxers only]

All contests will have an interval of 1 minute between rounds SENIOR BOXERS: Senior boxers will box 3 x 2 minute rounds and may box 4 x 2 minute rounds. In Open Championships and Internationals they will box 4 x 2 minute rounds. In every case there will be an interval of one minute between rounds.

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Price: £2.99