Boxing Hypnosis


Boxing POWER Hypnosis

‘I’m gonna be champ. Once I’m there and I’m in the dressing room the night of the fight, I know I can’t be denied.’ -Mike Tyson -Total Sport magazine, interview by Steve Farhood.

Boxing Hypnosis is and has been used by most professional boxers through history. It is a widely accepted form of mental training in the boxing world.

This is a POWERFUL MP3 drawing partly on the authors own experience as a competitive boxer and his years of experience working with Boxers of all levels.

To an outsider, it might seem difficult to comprehend the complexity of the sport. Boxing is one of the most physically and mentally taxing sports available and certainly, it requires a unique skill-set to compete at any level.

In few sports do you need to battle with fear, pain, adrenaline, and a flurry of punches whilst also remaining level headed enough to read the opponent, enabling yourself to counter and attack their movements effectively.

I have put together the most effective solutions for dealing with all of the above problems and many others. They are all incorporated into this POWERFUL recording. If you are boxing and not using hypnosis - be aware because it is almost given that your competition probably is!

List price: £14.99
Price: £14.99