Soccer Hypnosis


Sensational Soccer Hypnosis

‘Hi steve, just want to say thanks for working with me on the mental aspects of my game. I am already seeing the benefits of your work during my own personal workouts every day. I am able to find that bit extra at will, during my more intense running, sessions and can't wait to get back on the pitch and compete. - Premiership Football Player.

The above football player went on to score in his next three games having not scored for several years previous to my work with him. This increase in personal performance boosted morale in his team and broke the 7 game winless streak that they had previously experienced.

This recording tackles the same skills involved from the ability to communicate unconsciously between team mates for top performance to specific qualities for each individual position.

One aspect that many players report back to me is their delight in the increases in Mental Toughness in their game. Many players fail to realise that the quality of their game reduces after half time and this is due to physical but more importantly mental fatigue. With the use of this recording in the run up to a game, Mental Endurance is increased so a player's game quality continues when other players begin to drain.

List price: £14.99
Price: £14.99