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Sports Hypnosis Training

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Sports Psychology Training : International - Open University
open university

Sport and exercise psychology - Course E233,

This is a Degree Level course which could form a part of a degree in Sports Psychology. Learn from home with a recognised University whilst gaining real qualifications and real recognition!
In this course you will explore common psychological issues in sport and exercise, and learn to recognise situations where psychological theory can be applied in real-life cases. Research summaries are used alongside case studies to help you engage with recent literature.

You'll cover some of the key topics in sport and exercise psychology such as: anxiety; self-confidence; concentration; group dynamics; the psychology of injury; exercise dependence; and mental skills training used by psychologists. This course is suitable if you have a general interest in sport and exercise psychology, or are working in the field in roles such as exercise instruction or sports coaching.

The course comprises five study topics:

Introduction to sport and exercise psychology – This is an introduction to the field of sport and exercise psychology and the approach used in the rest of the course.

Psychological issues affecting performance – In this topic you will investigate how performance is affected by individuals' responses to stressful situations. You will also view stress, anxiety and confidence issues in the context of sports competition and everyday life case studies.

Adherence and group dynamics – You'll consider theories about how participants can be encouraged to stick to training programmes; and behaviour in group or team situations. Group and team activity is often particularly complex compared to dealing with individual participants.

Special topics in sport and exercise psychology – There are some options for you to choose to study in this study topic. The choices on offer are ‘concentration in sport'; ‘psychological aspects of sports injury'; ‘exercise dependence and body image'; and ‘exercise and mental health'.

Psychological skills training – In this final topic you will consider the psychological skills that are applied in the field by professional sport and exercise psychologists. You will focus on four key techniques – imagery, positive self-talk, goal-setting and relaxation strategies.

The study topics will be supported by a study guide, text book, website and a DVD containing a range of audio and video material. Most of the study guide is in print, but part is online. The online guide will direct you to electronic materials and case study related activities. This will be underpinned by tuition that will include active involvement with your tutor and access to an online forum with other students.


Sports Hypnosis Training : Australia - Sportsmind
sports hypnosis australia Jeffrey Hodges is a performance consultant and educator who has worked extensively with students, teachers, corporate teams, and now specialises in working with top coaches, elite athletes and sports clubs to enhance individual and team performance.

He is the author of the widely acclaimed "Sportsmind" and "Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings" books and Sportsmind audio programs; creator of the Sportsmind Mental Mastery performance enhancement workshops; Sportsmind Champion Performance personal success coaching systems; Sportsmind High Achievement and Peak Performance phone coaching systems; Coaching Excellence professional development program for sports coaches; and Director of the Sportsmind Institute for Human Performance Research.

Jeffrey holds a B.Sc. from Griffith University, an M.Sc.(Hons) degree from University of Western Sydney, has recently completed his B.Ed. in Adult Education, is an Australian Coaching Council accredited Level 2 coach, and has a black belt in Aikido. He is a NLP Master Practitioner , and his landmark M.Sc.(Hons) thesis involving 1,158 athletes from 32 different sports established the effectiveness of NLP techniques for mental skills training in sport. His Sportsmind programs have been endorsed by the NSW Dept Sport & Recreation, and recommended by top sportsclubs and successful athletes.

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