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Customer comments:
'Fell asleep listening to it, then went in the garage to train on the bag and felt awesome!

Thanks again,
G C - UK Branch Chief - School of Karate
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Gym Confidence and Fitness Motivation

Gym Confidence and fitness Motivation

(Also available as a Mobile Phone Application - click here)


  • Feel intimidated going to the gym?
  • Lack the body confidence?
  • Do you think everyone is watching you when you train?
  • Can't be bothered to go to the Gym?
  • Need more gym confidence?
  • Need more training Motivation?
  • Fitness Motivation

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Gym Confidence
One aspect addressed on this CD is the intimidation people find from other gym goers staring at them whilst they train. This is equal for both men and women. In reality it is rare that people are actually interested in you. The 'gym poser' staring at you is not looking at you but seeing if you are looking at them! Otherwise what's the point in posing?
Another problem is body consciousness. Body consciousness is born largely from media hype and the perceptions they promote of the perfect male and female body. Not to mention the obsessive habits and diets they activity encourage.
It seems a little ironic that you need to go to a gym to gain a good body however, you have to go there for the most part before you attain it. When you attain the 'perfect body' and start feeling comfortable around others you no longer have to go!
Many people believe they can generate gym motivation or fitness motivation through setting inspiring goals. Motivation is about knowing why you want a goal or activity, not what you want. Sure, knowing what you want is important because it gives you something to focus upon. The point is, if you want a particular goal, setting reasons why you want it is far more powerful than just visualising the outcome. It creates far more emotion to realise your underlying driving force. And it's emotion that is the key to breaking through our unconscious minds which is where our behaviours are based.
One aspect of training Motivation is the focus you put upon the gym session. If you focus on the pain of training, the inconvenience of getting up out of the arm chair and making the journey to the gym, or the poor weather outside that you'll need to contend with. Then training becomes less appealing.The answer is to focus on future results. Bodybuilders for example don't 'enjoy' lifting a dumbbell in the same repetitive motion for hours on end- nobody could possibly enjoy such a mind numbing exercise however, when they focus on the muscle growing or the fat burning away. That growing feeling and the future results that they know they will attain then that produces the motivation to push themselves beyond what a 'normal' person is willing to do.

All of these aspects and more are addressed in 'Gym Confidence and Motivation'.

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