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Customer comments:
'Fell asleep listening to it, then went in the garage to train on the bag and felt awesome!

Thanks again,
G C - UK Branch Chief - School of Karate
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Golf Hypnosis
Golf Hypnosis

Oustanding Golf Hypnosis

Almost all professional Golfers use Golf hypnosis as a part of their mental training, if you're not you are doing yourself an injustice.

(Also available as an Android Mobile App)

£32.00 GBP - $48.00 USD - $48.00 AUD
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Golf is a sport that reacts dramatically to Golf hypnosis and visualisation. Many golfing errors are simply ‘address’ inaccuracies easily adjusted through mind control. A golfers address position is the key to his game because it’s the foundation of the swinging motion.
Another important aspect of golf enhancement is the focus of attention on the ‘ball flight direction’, both of these points will be dealt with in the following CD.

In addition the ‘Waggle’ is an important aspect because it serves a function in reducing initial tension before play, using up nervous energy to relax the player. It also enables one to take a little time to visualise exactly what one is trying to achieve.

A golfer needs to flow with external forces rather than against them. Use the wind speed to arc the ball in a particular direction, don’t fight against the wind. Similarly gravity is your ally. Trying to hard to hit the ball and you will receive a tense animated swing. Relax and let your whole body create the perfect, relaxed motion. If you concentrate on hitting the ball you will lose much of your natural flow. This is why pre-programming using hypnosis is so effective. With subconsciously programmed behaviours your actions will become automatic and tension disappears.

Take the opportunity whilst listening to this CD to go through the motions in your own mind of that perfect shot you wish to achieve. Access the thoughts, feelings, muscle tension and sounds that will accompany the shot. Visualise the reactions of others around you at your successful shot, and your own elated feelings at being supreme.
In Golf your arousal level need only be adjusted slightly, focusing ones attention for only 20 to 30 seconds is enough.

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