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Sports Hypnosis Articles

Sports Hypnosis article - 'Sport et Vie' French sports magazine.
Abstract - Spanish Surgeon Dr. Angel Escudero ( has a theory that pain can be reduced just by salivating!.

Trigger defrost - How to solve shooting trigger freeze with Sports Hypnosis.
- Steve Mycoe is a sports psychologist and author, specialising in Sports Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (the study of  excellence). He has come across this phenomena on several occasions within shooting, but also in other sports have had similar problems. - Pull Magazine - the official Journal of The National Governing Body for Clay Target Shooting. October 2005, Issue number 131.


Psychological Tool for Archery - read Bow International magazines article.
Develop Archery Excellance and eliminate Target Panic. Extract from 2008, Bow International Magazine - Edition number 46

Clay Pigeon Shooting Trigger Freeze.
How to cure Trigger Freeze in the Clay Pigeon Shooter. Extract from Pull! Magazine. June 2005, Issue number 127

I Feared I'd Kill Collins Says Chris Eubank. by Frank Wiechula
Abstract -
Chris Eubank claimed last night that he was scared of killing Steve Collins in the ring. Mental images of...
- Contributors: Frank Wiechula - author. Newspaper Title: The Mirror. Publication Date: July 24, 1997. Page Number: 39.

Motivation - life’s driving force.
Abstract - Many people believe they can generate motivation through setting inspiring goals. why you want it is far more powerful than just visualising the outcome.
-Steve Mycoe - Author and Sports hypnotherapist, 2001

Intimidation -Dress like a winner and Psych out your opponent!
WANT TO PSYCH out your tennis opponent? Stand up straight and dress like a pro. - L.A. Psychology Today March/April 2005


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