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Customer comments:
'Fell asleep listening to it, then went in the garage to train on the bag and felt awesome!

Thanks again,
G C - UK Branch Chief - School of Karate
paul mckenna
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Pain and physiological Control (Also see Sports Injury Healing or Phantom Limb Solutions)

Hypnosis in pain reduction has been used Successfully in every type of pain reduction including all forms of surgery. Psychologists have found real reductions in activity in the brain areas that perceive pain consequently reductions in the pain signal to cortical areas of the brain.

Hypnosis has the ability to reduce the suffering of pain whilst still leaving some 'felt' sensation in order that further damage is not done.

In addition, healing in sports injuries can be dramatically increased and infections from operations are almost always totally eliminated.

Pain Control and Self Hypnosis
The state of Hypnosis can instigate the release of Endorphins which are naturally occurring pain-blocking substances in humans. Endorphins block pain signals between cells, so when a trance state is created pain can be reduced. Endorphins produced by the body (during hypnosis) are said to be One Hundred times more powerful than Morphine.

pain control pain hypnosis
As a demonstration of in-trance pain and physiological control Steve demonstrates
piercing his hand with a surgical needle.
Once the needle is painlessly inserted a choice is made by an on-looker as to which hole if any, they would like to bleed.
pain control hypnotherapy mind control

The needle is then removed and the choosen hole begins to bleed. The remaining hole does not bleed. The onlooker could have chosen either hole or no bleeding at all.

This demonstration shows how intrance we can create physological functioning through mind power alone. Blood flow and pain can be switched on and off at will.


Also Phantom Limb Solutions