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Customer comments:
'Always felt nervous going into the ring. Not so anymore!'
- Sports Fear Control CD Customer.

'The fact that the mind rules the body is, in spite of its neglect by biology and medicine, the most fundamental fact which we know about the process of life'.
-Franz Alexander, MD

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It is documented that the ability of hypnosis to increase emotional responses, also serves to release testosterone in the body, aiding musclular development.
Ultimately it is the mind that controls muscle, this includes the delivery of electrical impulses that signals the muscle to work. Research shows that this stage lights up identical parts of the brain that would be energised if you were actually working out.

During hypnosis t
he brain’s Hypothalamus releases neurotransmitters that command the pituitary gland to release development hormones. The Endocrine system is the system that initiates the changes that occurred during puberty.

Through unconscious visualisation every cell of the body is communicated too, showing your mind and body how you wish to look and feel once your goals have been achieved. You clearly see and thus become the person you wish to be.

Although hypnosis's main attribute in the bodybuilding arena is the removal of mental blocks to muscular development, success has also been seen in increasing weight lifting abilities, focusing and motivation, increased endurance and speeding recovery times.

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The 'will' always breaks before muscle (assuming the muscle is adequately warmed up). Therefore, with good direction you can use hypnosis to intensify your training session to go far beyond ones usual level of pain threshold.

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