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Customer comments:
'Used your Shooting CD, had the best Comp ever!

Steve's Platinum Sports Hypnosis System.

How does Sports Hypnosis work?

Human brainwaves are divided into four levels of activity often referred to as cycle-per-second activity. These are named:

Beta: Your normal consciousness.
Alpha: Falling asleep/awaking/dream state.
Theta: Deeper Sleep.
Delta: Full sleep to deepest sleep.

Alpha, Theta and Delta are all considered altered states of consciousness or various levels of trance/hypnosis. When you enter an altered state your brainwaves alter, hypnosis has the effect of slowing the brainwaves and giving us access to the unconscious mind where our behaviours are based.

Because of the heightened suggestibility levels in the alpha and theta levels, positive programming is extremely effective.

What is the technology behind Steve's CD's?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP);
A set of tools that which takes hypnosis to an even greater level of effectiveness and enables one to organise information and perceptions in ways that allow them to achieve results that were once inconceivable. Based on the perception that all behaviour has a structure and that structure can be re-programmed.

One of the reasons why it can be so easy to make changes with NLP, is that the pleasure derived from the unwanted habit can be transferred to a desirable or perhaps more healthy habit of your choice (e.g. drinking more water or relaxation).

How can Hypnotherapy help you?
Hypnotherapy can help one to 'stop doing something they do not wish to do', or to 'start doing something one does wish to do'.

Analytical Hypnotherapy;
Often used for those people who feel they have behaviours or thoughts that are 'in side themselves' but 'outside of their control'.

The structure of Steve's CD's

Each sports hypnosis recording begins by relaxing your body one part at a time whilst leaving your mind awake and alert. This cuts out negative self-talk and aids in releasing 'happy hormones' from the brain thus increasing ones sense of well being.

Stage two concentrates upon removing mental barriers to development which are often the reason behind long and short term 'sticking points'. These trapped mental barriers prevent the adult from developing performance and even to build particular muscle groups. If for example, you still consider yourself partly child like in some attitudes perhaps your unconscious mind is 'clinging' onto a under developed Chest of child like proportions!

The third stage of these recordings involve direct in-trance Visualisation (which can aid in the release of Testosterone in the body) focusing the minds energies towards building the physical and mental attitudes that you desire. Through unconscious visualisation every cell of the body is communicated too, showing your mind and body how you wish to look and feel once your goals have been achieved. You clearly see and thus become the person you wish to be.

The final stage of these recordings saturates your mind with positive hypnotic commands which direct specific mind and body areas to develop.
This stage can be used on it's own during training sessions to focus the mind on the job at hand and to intensify workouts.

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