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Female Hypnosis | Weight control | Gym Confidence

weightloss hypnotherapy

Female Hypnosis
There are two main areas that hypnosis has its most common association with the female form these are, 'weight control' and 'exercise motivation'. With today's celebrity culture it's too easy to feel inadequate especially when going to the gym!

Steve's CD's incorporate 'body consciousness' commands to help condition and raise self-esteem bringing back those feelings of confidence and zest for life.

Weight Control.
Weight control is as much about psychology than physiology. It's not only what you eat but why you eat that remains the foundation of overeating.
The reason most people find it difficult to lose weight is an emotional/psychological one. There are many subconscious motivations and barriers to successful weight loss that actively prevent one from going to the gym or eating more healthily. Our minds control everything and if our subconscious minds have an alternative agenda to what we consciously desire, we may get stuck in a constant circle of diet and failure.

In addition many women experience 'picking' as a form of comfort eating especially at work - it always seems to be someones birthday where you feel the need to share a cake or two!
Steve's weight loss CD incorporates some very powerful NLP techniques that remove the need to pick at food and encourage you to change this 'corporate social conditioning'.

Finally, Steve's CDs guide you through a visualisation that allows your unconscious mind to picture you with the body and lifestyle that you dream of, unlocking your ability to attain this desire.

Weightloss Hypnotherapy



Body Consciousness.
The reality is that many women with weight issues are understandably also sufferers of low self-esteem. This has led Steve to incorporating self-esteem commands into his recordings so you will benefit on more than one level, even if you have high self-esteem the benefits can be enormous.

Of course a Sedentary lifestyle is also a main contributor to weight control however, often this is also due to psychological issues. Being unmotivated or even intimidated to go to the gym are not physical attributes but Psychological ones. Steves 'Gym Confidence & Motivation' CD will address these issues so exercise becomes an enjoyable way of life.

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